The Best Places To Eat in Howell, Michigan

February 12th, 2015 by

If there is one thing we love at Champion Chevrolet of Howell, MI… it’s food! Nom Nom Nom, we love our local restaurants! As we sit daily, thinking about what we should eat… it dawned on us to highlight some of our favorite local businesses in the area! Why? Because we ? you.  Whether you are looking to dine, drink or have an event catered, we have some great restaurants in our city and we think they deserve some love.

In honor of Valentines Day… we thought we would give you some of our top choices of places to dine!

Tomato Brothers, we love your scallop appetizer! Whether you want a perfectly cooked sirloin steak or maybe even a sandwich, this restaurant is absolutely delicious! Don’t forget about their Wine Wednesday Promotions!


Diamonds Steak & Seafood, can it get any better? I mean, seriously, those sweet potatoes are to die for! Perfect place for breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner! The atmosphere is awesome and the chef is even cooler!


Mom and Pops Bakery, I think everyone can agree that many Saturday breakfasts have come from here. You literally have to try everything (or at least want too) and the donuts are SO SO SO good!

Mom & Pop's Bakery

Mr B’s Rustic Tavern, surely welcomes a friendly atmosphere for the entire family. Further more, lots of tv’s, great selection of beers and some good down to bone chow! We love you Mr. B’s Rustic Tavern!

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And these are just a few of the great places located in Howell, Michigan. So if you happen stop into Howell, make sure you try these great restaurants and come say hello to us at Champion Chevrolet of Howell, MI! We welcome you always!

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